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Our solution reflects the firm's Asian focus through its vertically oriented right to left navigation, as the majority of Asian cultures read right to left, and integration of Eastern and Western symbolic imagery. The red, gold, black and jade green color palette employs colors widely embraced throughout Asia. The Key Executives section is symbolized by an Asian fan and a globe highlighting the Asian-Pacific region. The Backbone section contrasts the Great Wall of China and classic architectural columns as symbols of structure, security and support.
The IDC Locations section uses a Chinese herb drawer chest as a metaphor for the storage capacity of an Internet Data Center. As the viewer mouses over the Taiwan dot on the map of Asia, a detail of the Taiwan region pops up over the herb drawer image. The Professional Services section contrasts an Asian abacus and western briefcase as symbols for business and commerce. The Partners Programs section is represented by a harmonious Asian Yin Yang symbol and two precision gears working together.
Rockport Graphic Design That Works, 2004
Rockport Promotion Design That Works, 2001