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DCM Lunar New Year Logos
DCM is a leading Silicon Valley venture capital firm with significant investments in China. The challenge was to create a series of event identities to welcome the Lunar New Year and demonstrate the firm’s strong commitment to its technology ventures in China.
Our solutions for the Year of the Dog, Boar, Rat, and Ox use DCM’s initials to create proprietary Chinese lunar calendar animals and express the firm’s bold, confident outlook for their investments in China.
Graphis Logo Design 7 (Gold), 2007
Graphis Branding 5 (Gold), 2008
American Graphic Design Awards, 2008
American Graphic Design Awards, 2007
American Corporate Identity, 2009
American Corporate Identity, 2007
LogoLounge 6 (Case Study), 2011
Logo Lounge 5, 2009
LogoLounge Master Library, Vol. 2, 3000 Animal & Mythology Logos, 2010
Identity (Russia) Best of the Best (First Place), 2010
Rockport Letterhead & Logo Design 11, 2009
TrademarksUSA, 2011
Bright Books Logos 1, 2012
Hoffmitz Milken Center for Typography Collection, 2016