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Collagen Annual Report
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Collagen is a biomedical device company developing injectable skin implant devices to repair aged or damaged tissue. The message of the company’s Annual Report is summarized in the equation: “Energy + Expansion + Expertise = Evolution.” “Energy” convey’s Collagen's opportunistic approach to new markets. “Expansion” represents the company's movement into new medical device areas. “Expertise” symbolizes the managerial skill responsible for strong financial performance. All three components reinforce the idea of “Evolution;” the maturation of the company.
Our solution established a scientific, medical, progressive approach using symbolic flowcharts to highlight the biomedical company’s clear objectives and direction, and gradated boxes to symbolize the company’s commitment to transition and progress. Photographic compositions also have a focused, directional quality. The 10-year graphs utilize the scale of common scientific measuring devices to dramatically convey the biomedical company’s financial milestones. The report successfully presented Collagen as a progressive company with a clear direction and poised for significant growth.
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