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Apple Training Brochure: The Process of Discovery
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Apple’s objective was to present their training courses in a manner that conveyed the excitement of learning and discovery. Our solution presented Apple Training concepts through analogies of famous discoveries throughout history: Confucius’ role as a great teacher and Apple’s role in training; Mozart’s compositions for solo/ensemble music and Apple’s program of leader-led/self-paced courses; Gutenberg’s introduction of modern book printing and Apple pioneering of desktop publishing; and Columbus’ contributions to navigation and Apple’s accessibility to training.
The die-cut cover engages the viewer in the process of discovery, revealing the Table of Contents as it is opened. A proprietary blue “Training” bar is used to identify Apple Training products and unify the eclectic collages. Unique initial caps reinforce the theme of each spread. Headings are treated as pull-down menus to convey a Mac look and feel. The brochure’s theme of significant historical discoveries successfully positions Apple Training within the context of educational advancement.
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