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Off-Site Records Management Signage
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Off-Site required a cohesive exterior signage program to provide a seamless experience for customers visiting its storage facility. The monument sign signals the entrance to the Off-Site Records Management facility. The dimensional form of the logo provides a different view from all angles, representing the multi-dimensional range of services the company provides to its customers.
The laser-cut building identification signage is composed of anodized aluminum. The logo form creates a unique and memorable door handle. The 40' windows display vinyl icons representing the firm’s complete range of document storage solutions. The super-graphic loading dock signage enables customers to identify the appropriate door at a distance. The logo is used as a decorative pattern on the roll-up doors to enhance the building’s appearance and extend the brand.
Graphis Branding 6 (Gold), 2012
Graphis Archigraphia Redux, 2016
American Graphic Design & Advertising Awards 28 (Best of Category), 2012