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DCM Project READ Holiday Party Invitation
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DCM is a leading Silicon Valley venture capital firm. Their holiday party functioned as a benefit for Project READ, enabling DCM’s invited investors and entrepreneurs, most of whom are highly educated, with an opportunity to support adult literacy. Our solution links the event’s holiday theme with the cause of literacy by creating a Christmas tree which transforms into a “tree of knowledge.” The viewer first encounters a window in the shape of a Christmas tree, revealing a statement about literacy, then the formal invitation, and finally a symbolic tree composed of open books.
The holiday ornament bookmarks are die-cut from the front cover of the invitation, leaving no waste. The Christmas tree at the party was decorated with the holiday ornaments, which were given to attendees to use as bookmarks year round as a keepsake of DCM’s event and Project READ’s mission. The event attracted twice as many guests as DCM expected and was a highly successful fundraiser for Project READ.
Communication Arts Feature: Design for the Public Good, 2004
Print Regional Design Annual, 2003
HOW Promotion Design Awards, 2003
STEP Inside Design 100, 2003
Western Art Directors Club West Coast Show, 2003
Rockport 1000 Greetings, 2004
Dynamic Graphics Feature: Type, 2003
PaperSpecs Gallery, 2013
Hoffmitz Milken Center for Typography Collection, 2016
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