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Greenleaf Medical Trade Ad Series
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Greenleaf Medical is a developer of a revolutionary computerized hand evaluation system for hand surgeons. The trade ads use a modular composition to convey the depth and versatility of the product, while enabling the individual ads to combine to form an informational poster.
Ad No.1 establishes the firm’s technology as the industry standard across the nation. Ad No.3 contrasts the utility of the human hand with the high technology tools the company develops.
AIGA Communication Graphics Show, 1993
Print Computer Art & Design Annual 3, 1995
Step-By-Step Graphics Design Annual, 1994
Western Art Directors Club West Coast Show, 1993
PBC American TypePlay, 1994
PBC Corporate Graphics, 1995
PIE Books Poster Graphics 2, 1993
Art Center College of Design Design Impact, 2004