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Neenah Paper Beauty of Letterpress Poster
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We were asked by Neenah Paper to create a limited edition print for their “Beauty of Letterpress” series, whose concept and design were developed by TPD Design House of Wayne, PA. Our solution creates a tribute to letterpress using illustrations of its iconic tools as typographic forms, engaging viewers in discovering the tools within the typography. These amazing tools and processes, which have survived for centuries, connect art + craft, designer + printer, and paper + impression. We also sought to convey letterpress as “The Art of Making an Impression” by demonstrating the medium’s many wonderfully dimensional qualities.
The platen press wheel and gear, ink blob and woodblock letters, and ink brayer streak illustrate the depth of color achieved by overprinting. The composing stick, line gauge, and dot screen showcase the ability of letterpress to transform fine detail into a delightfully tactile experience. The design created an impressive showcase for Neenah Paper’s Crane’s LETTRA 90 lb. Cover Ecru White, whose quality, color, and texture convey the timeless character and depth of impression which makes letterpress unique. The print was an overwhelming success, with over 100 posters sold on to support the Hamilton Wood Type & Printing Museum in Two Rivers, WI, dedicated to the preservation, study, and use of wood type in letterpress printing.
Graphis Design Annual (Silver), 2017
Graphis Poster Annual, 2017
Graphis Typography Annual 4 (Silver), 2018
Print Regional Design Annual, 2016
Print Typography & Lettering Awards (Best in Class), 2017
HOW International Design Awards, 2016
HOW Promotion & Marketing Design Awards, 2016
American Graphic Design Awards, 2016
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Hoffmitz Milken Center for Typography Collection, 2016
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Graphis Exhibition, AIGA National Conference, 2019
Graphis San Francisco Exhibition, 2020