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Discover San Francisco Poster
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We were one of five designers asked by Neenah Paper to create a poster for distribution at HOW Design Live in San Francisco. Our strategy was to create an image that would introduce out-of town attendees to San Francisco’s scenic wonders in an a way that encourages participation and engagement.
Our solution utilizes illustrations of San Francisco’s world famous landmarks to engage the viewer in forming the city’s name, creating a typographic tour of San Francisco. Each landmark is keyed to descriptive text at the bottom of the poster, enabling viewers to discover useful facts and figures about the city. We hope viewers will enjoy the unusual combinations and unexpected juxtapositions of typography and illustration.
U.S. Library of Congress Prints & Photographs Selection, 2014
Communication Arts Typography Annual 4, 2014
Graphis Design Annual, 2015
Graphis Typography 3, 2015
Creativity 43 (Platinum), 2013
Spark Design Awards (Gold), 2013
Print Regional Design Annual, 2014
HOW International Design Awards, 2014
American Graphic Design Awards, 2013
International Poster Exhibition - Korea, 2013
PaperSpecs Gallery, 2014