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Exponent Capital Stationery
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Exponent Capital is a directional investment fund focusing upon an innovative multi-strategy approach. The company logo uses directional arrows to create the variable “x,” with a strong upward arrow to symbolize the firm’s goal of rewarding investors in both up and down markets.
Our solution uses a finely engraved logotype to represent a company grounded in traditional financial principles, while the lasercut “stock ticker” digital lettering conveys a commitment to high technology investment strategies. The outline version of the logo creates a unique stock certificate border used throughout the system. The business card flap opens to reveal the person’s full contact information.
Graphis Letterhead 7 (Gold), 2007
Creativity 35, 2005
American Graphic Design Awards, 2005
American Corporate Identity, 2006
Global Corporate Identity 3, 2006
Collins The Big Book of Business Cards, 2005
Collins The Big Book of Letterheads, 2007
San Francisco Center for the Book Be Enveloped! Exhibition, 2015