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What distinguishes Gee + Chung Design?

Gee + Chung Design is an award-winning multidisciplinary brand communications firm with an international reputation for
exceptional design that is instantly recognizable for its innovation, creativity and value for clients. Our firm distinguishes itself
in several important ways:

Differentiating Clients
We believe in using a unique point-of-view: our clients'. We specialize in discovering what is truly unique about our clients' company, product or service to create effective brand differentiation that clearly sets clients apart from competition. Our design solutions are as diverse as our clients, determined by their individual personality, culture and message. We define their strategic value proposition by asking: What do you stand for? What is your message? What makes you different?

Connecting with Audiences
Compelling communication is the process of making a meaningful connection with an audience. To distill a company's brand essence to its simplest and most impactful form, we thoroughly research our client, their competition and audience. We then create a concept-driven message that is focused, compelling and memorable, framing our client's story to make an emotional connection with their audience. Our innovative communications seek to provoke, convince, motivate and inspire.

Creating Narratives
The most powerful brands tell compelling stories. Working with many of Silicon Valley's market leaders, we enjoy the challenge of making new technologies understandable, meaningful and memorable. We are inspired by companies which improve people's lives. Our client stories evoke a compelling narrative, employing visual metaphors, intelligent associations and unexpected juxtapositions to engage the viewer as an active participant in connecting with our client's brand.

Building Brands
Building an integrated brand requires mastery of all touchpoints of the consumer experience. Our uncommon expertise and versatility in branding, print, packaging, environmental and interactive design enables us to build powerful, comprehensive branding programs across all media. As a full-service branding firm, we take a broad strategic view of our client’s communications needs, allowing us to understand how different brand elements can work together in a synergistic manner.

Providing Value
We focus on creating client value, not visuals. Our work provides tangible results by increasing awareness of companies, driving sales of products, boosting attendance at events and building brand loyalty for clients. Our solutions are designed to be timeless; to resonate with audiences and remain effective and appropriate long after completion. Ultimately, our work provides enduring client value, enabling clients to make the transition from brand awareness to brand relevance.

Designing Excellence
Leadership in branding is attained by creating work that is the best of its kind and contributes to our culture. Our designs have been honored by AIGA, Communication Arts, Graphis, Print, the Art Directors Club, Type Directors Club, Society of Publication Designers and Society for Environmental Graphic Design. Our work has been exhibited internationally and is represented in the permanent collections of the U.S. Library of Congress, Smithsonian Institution and SFMOMA.

Forging Relationships
While we have been fortunate to receive many prestigious awards for our designs, the most rewarding aspect of our work remains the long-term relationships we have established with our clients over the years. Having worked with a number of clients for over 20 years as they move to new positions or establish new companies, we are committed to enjoyable creative collaborations, and are grateful for the trust our clients have placed in us to help their business succeed.

Exceeding Expectations
Successful design is much more than meeting marketing goals; it is about exceeding client expectations. We consistently elevate clients to their next level of success, using our targeted and conceptual design strategies to enable companies to realize their true potential. In the end, Gee + Chung Design is distinguished by our thoughtful, intelligent, conceptual approach, harnessing the power of design to consistently build strong, meaningful and enduring brands for clients.