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Art Center College of Design is known for its iconic orange dot symbol. DOT Launch is the school’s new entrepreneurial initiative providing enterprising Art Center designers with the knowledge, experience, and resources to develop entrepreneurial ventures. Our solution uses the orange dot to connect the initiative to the school and a soaring rocket to represent the launch of new enterprises. The logo also creates a symbolic pencil point, as many innovative design ideas originate with a simple pencil sketch.
The tagline “Empowering Design Entrepreneurs” clearly defines the initiative’s focus, identifies its audience and references the launch theme. The secondary symbol system places Art Center’s orange dot at the center of each of the entrepreneurial initiative’s core aspirations while functioning as a metaphor for the school’s position at the center of entrepreneurial thinking.
Graphis Design Annual (Gold), 2013
Graphis Logo Design 9 (Silver), 2017
Creativity 42 (Platinum), 2012
IDA International Design Awards (Bronze), 2012
Spark Design Awards (Silver), 2013
HOW International Design Awards, 2013
American Graphic Design Awards, 2012
American Graphic Design & Advertising Awards 28, 2012
University and College Designers Association, 2013
LogoLounge 8, 2013
Rockport Design: Logo, 2014
Artpower Logo Talks III, 2014
Counter-Print Abstract Logo: Trademarks & Symbols, 2016