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DCM IV Offering Memorandum
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DCM is a leading Silicon Valley venture capital firm with significant investments in Asia. The offering memorandum’s objective was to attract limited partners to invest in the firm’s innovative new $350 million technology fund. Our solution uses a transparent plastic cover and familiar financial symbols to interactively reveal the clear difference their fund offers investors. In sharp contrast to the typical 8.5" x 11" prospectus, the book’s oversize format and dramatic presentation reflects the firm’s strong commitment to the fund. As DCM has many Asian investors, the traditional Japanese binding symbolizes the firm’s dedication to old world due diligence in making successful new technology investments. The financial symbols function as a coding device on each spread to guide the reader. Bold, graphic divider pages open each section, and red-bordered case studies support the fund’s investment strategies.
The four elements of Fund Differentiation create a pace-changing photo essay in the front of the book. A Formula I pit crew creates a metaphor for the venture capital firm’s role of performing as a team of experts enabling a start-up company to quickly get on track. The firm’s world-class expertise in international business development is exemplified by the Olympic ideals of competition and achievement. As successful venture investing is essentially about personal relationships, full body portraits allow each partner to express their own unique personality and character. A palm-reading metaphor conveys the forecasting and direction of future technologies in a very human and memorable manner. The book’s compelling content and impressive presentation conveyed DCM’s confidence in the fund’s performance, and enabled the fund to sell out with committed investors faster than any of the firm’s previous funds.
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