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ComVentures Brochure: The Future of Communications
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ComVentures is a leading venture capital firm specializing in early-stage communications and networking companies. The objective was to target young, innovative entrepreneurs while conveying ComVentures’ core principles and leadership position in investing in successful communications firms. The cover highlights ComVentures’ track record of successful communications investments by featuring a timeline of their portfolio companies wrapped around the cover. Investments who have not yet gone public or been acquired are listed at the far right edge of the timeline, representing “The Future of Communications.”
Our solution uses a future-oriented theme to position the firm as a focused, visionary, and committed partner for entrepreneurs. Each spread uses bold typography and a larger-than-life objects to create surrealistic technological landscapes, portraying the firm’s dynamic outlook for the future of communications and its commitment to investing in entrepreneurs with the type of innovative ideas that exceed expectations. The approach was a radical departure for the highly conservative venture capital arena, and successful in positioning ComVentures as a leading-edge player within their industry and resonating with their audience of young entrepreneurs.
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