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Qualys Tradeshow Exhibit
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Qualys is the leading provider of on demand IT security risk and compliance management solutions delivered as a service. At the RSA Conference, the world’s largest information security showcase, our solution for the firm’s 30' x 40' booth uses bold, iconic security metaphors to establish their “Security On Demand” theme. The reception target wall conveys the firm’s focus on targeting network vulnerabilities while inviting a clear view of the presentation stage.
The theater structure suggests scanning waves and provides high-key lighting and surround sound for the audience. Stools with clocks of 12 major international cities symbolize 24/7 global network security. The giant lock with rotating shield logo functions as a powerful symbol of network security and projects a strong corporate presence across the hall. Key-shaped workstations embedded with computer code demonstrate network security solutions.
Creativity 36, 2006
American Graphic Design Awards, 2006
American Corporate Identity, 2008
Global Corporate Identity 3, 2006
Rockport 1000 Retail Graphics, 2007
Exhibitor Feature: Portfolio, 2007