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Melissa + Yasuo Wedding Invitation
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Melissa Tsang + Yasuo Shimada began their courtship in Japan during the cherry blossom season. This inspired our solution for their wedding invitation: a symbolic heart which transforms into a cherry blossom as an emblem of love and affection. The invitation combines engraved Edwardian Script type with the flower’s seeds.
The card’s embossed pattern combines a unique Asian seal of the couple’s names, the Japanese “tea plant” crest of the Shimada family, and the traditional Chinese symbol of “double happiness” for marriage. Hand-lettered cherry blossom type spells out “RSVP.”
Creativity 42 (Platinum), 2012
IDA International Design Awards (Bronze), 2012
American Graphic Design Awards, 2012
American Graphic Design & Advertising Awards 28 (Best of Category), 2012 Fold of the Week, 2013
PaperSpecs Gallery, 2013