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Oracle Information Highway Brochure
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Oracle is the world’s leading integrated business software and hardware systems company. Created for Oracle’s “Vision” Event, the objective was to present an overview of the information highway from a database management perspective: its planning, construction and potential; the advantages and disadvantages of the enabling technologies; their potential applications; and the issues that will affect both providers and consumers of information. Our solution uses an eclectic combination of illustration styles to convey complex technological information in a friendly, engaging manner. A timeline runs throughout the book to highlight key developments in communications and technology while providing a historical context to the company’s achievements.
A Tyrannosaurus Rex forms the backdrop for electronic communications between a school child and Jurassic Park’s Dr. Robert Bakker half a world away. A diagram of the information highway’s content, storage, network, applications, and devices demonstrates how information is brought from suppliers to consumers. The highway’s four model “architectures” are represented as the four orders of columns to convey blueprints of the highway’s network configurations and information processed. The book was successful in positioning Oracle and database management as central and significant components enabling the information highway.
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