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Webcor Consulting Group Slipcase and Brochures
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Webcor Builders’ newly-formed Webcor Consulting Group uses state-of-the-art Building Information Modeling (BIM) to identify and resolve design and engineering conflicts before a project is built—saving time, shortening schedules, and cutting costs for developers. Our solution uses a slipcase format to allow different cover images to show through the laser-cut window, enabling Webcor to customize their presentations to prospective clients dependent upon the type of service or project needed. The window silhouette is a detail from Webcor’s signature California Academy of Sciences project, whose complexity serves as a metaphor for the firm’s industry-leading Virtual Building technology.
Each brochure focuses upon one of the consulting group’s core services: Virtual Building, Sustainability Services, and Construction Optimization. Each brochure cover has a BIM and built image of a signature project, which opens up to reveal the completed project, conveying the theme of “Virtual Building / Building Better.” Projects highlighted on the inside spread support the concept of individual theme of each brochure. The clean, modern, future oriented composition represents the Consulting Groups’s commitment to the most advanced thinking in construction.