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Applied Materials "Imagine" Seminar Invitations
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The invitation series included a seminar program invite, cocktail reception invite and two save-the-date postcards. Our "magic of innovation" theme invited attendees to "imagine, discover and explore" from the fresh perspective of a child, connecting a youthful inspiration with science to the innovative machines and technology the company produces.
The die-cut translucent plastic cover features a child who can "imagine" a wafer within a blue sky, symbolic of the unlimited potential for innovation. Each spread focuses on a single word supporting the innovation theme, allowing a child to "envision" sand transforming into silicon chips, "discover" microscopic views of wafers, and "explore" the world of semiconductors.
Creativity 33, 2003
Creativity 32, 2002
American Graphic Design Awards, 2003
HDI The Big Book of New Design Ideas, 2003
Dynamic Graphics Feature, 2003