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Applied Materials "Science Fair" Seminar Invitations
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The invitation series included a seminar program invite, cocktail reception invite and two save-the-date postcards. Our solution utilizes the attendees' youthful fascination with science to represent company-wide themes. The flashcard format organizes information into four convenient cards for the invitation, morning program, afternoon program and location. Held together by a bellyband, the package invites attendees to discover the contents within. A grid of squares divides images and information as a metaphor for individual chips within a wafer.
Each card contrasts the qualities of a young science student with attributes of the Applied's exemplary employees, such as "driven > problem solver," "visionary > leadership," "collaborative > partner," and "transcendent > aspiration." A secondary symbol system incorporates larger-than-life silicon wafers within each icon, using wafers in unique ways to reflect specific conference topics and themes.